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Health Care Reform Update

Frequently Asked Questions about the new health care law

Information you can share with your employees

As you know, The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Reconciliation Act of 2010. There’s no doubt that reform will change things for all of us. But what it won’t change is our commitment to you, our customers. We want to reassure you that while we remain engaged as an active leader participating in the regulatory process, we’ll continue to focus on you and the reasons you turned to us in the first place.

We’ve already assembled work teams to analyze the impact of the new legislation and how it will affect your business, your employees, and each and every one of us as individuals who rely on health care coverage.¬†And we are committed to providing you with ongoing updates as we learn more about the effects this will have on your health care benefits.

Our corporate promise remains firm: to simplify the connection between health, care and value. It describes the three areas where we partner with our customers, doctors and hospitals. We’re well-equipped and eager to address the current challenges that face us all. Now more than ever we know you’re looking to us to create the best health value for you and your employees. And throughout the discussion around health care reform, we have continued to do just that. Over the next several weeks we will be communicating with you regularly as we review the many facets of health care reform.

From having some of the largest networks in the industry to offering personalized health programs to customer service that our members say stands out from the pack, we’re going to continue to deliver on our promises to bring value to your health care benefits.

Today we’re enclosing a letter you may want to share with your employees. It references the same information we’ve discussed here, reinforcing our commitment to every one of them. Thank you for being our customer, and for working with us to improve the health of your business and your employees.

C. Burke King

Health Care Reform Update

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